Lonely and stranded, California man robbed at Bloomington motel

A California man whose visit to Minnesota was extended because of storms on the East Coast reported a robbery at his Bloomington motel room.

The 29-year-old Lincoln, Calif., man told police that he met a woman at Mall of America a couple of days prior to a Nov. 3 robbery, according to Bloomington Police Commander Vic Poyer.

The woman, described as approximately 5 feet, 10 inches with dark black hair, piercings and tattoos, was in the man’s motel room at the Best Western Plus, 1901 Killebrew Drive, during the evening of Nov. 3, the victim told police.

The woman told the victim that she had ordered food for delivery from a nearby restaurant. When there was a knock on the man’s motel room door he answered it without checking who was outside his room. When he opened the door he saw an Asian male, approximately 5 feet, 9 inches and 220 pounds, holding a gun. Behind him was another Asian male, approximately 5 feet, 8 inches and 170 pounds, Poyer explained.

The two men entered the room, but the California man was able to flee the room by slapping the gun as we ran out the door, Poyer noted.

The man ran to the hotel lobby and spoke to a security guard. Bloomington police were called to the motel and found the man’s room unoccupied. The man reported that his wallet, a computer he purchased at Mall of America while accompanied by the woman and a mobile phone were missing, according to Poyer.

Domestic incident

A 19-year-old Bloomington man allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend and stabbed himself in the chest several times before being arrested by police.

The man, arrested about 11:45 a.m. Nov. 4, was with his family and his 18-year-old girlfriend at an apartment on the 1100 block of East 80th Street when police were called to the residence, Poyer said. Police were told that the man had stabbed himself and that his girlfriend and family members were barricaded in a bedroom. Upon arrival police found five people in the apartment, but not the suspect, Poyer explained.

After removing the group from the apartment the suspect was found hiding on the balcony of a neighboring second-floor apartment, observing the parking lot of his apartment building, Poyer noted.

According to witnesses the man and his girlfriend had been arguing when the man grabbed a knife, held it to his girlfriend’s face and threatened to kill her. The girlfriend’s finger was cut when she tried to grab the knife out of the suspect’s hand when he was holding it behind his back, Poyer said.

The suspect set the knife down when his grandmother entered the room, but soon grabbed another knife and made additional threats, then stabbed himself in the chest several times, according to Poyer.

The man was treated for superficial wounds at the Bloomington jail and was not hospitalized. He faces a possible charge of second-degree assault, Poyer said.

Too soon

A 30-year-old Owatonna woman succeeded in stealing $1,400 worth of jeans from Macy’s at Mall of America, but was arrested when she returned to the store two days later, according to Poyer.

Loss-prevention personnel recognized the woman when she entered the store on Nov. 6. She matched the surveillance video image of the perpetrator of the theft two days earlier, Poyer explained.

Store personnel detained the woman until police arrived to arrest her. Upon her arrest the woman told police she had taken the jeans and sold them. Evidence showed that theft-prevention tags on the jeans had been removed, and the suspect was found to be in possession of a wire-stripping device capable of removing theft-prevention tags, Poyer noted.