Letter: Downey offers ideas, experience

To the editor:

From my point of view as a young person just getting started in her professional life, I see and have experienced firsthand the problems in our economy – which is why I am so strongly supporting Keith Downey for State Senate.

Downey is different than many other politicians I have watched growing up.  I first met him at a fundraiser in 2010, and he took the time to listen to my concerns and my ideas. Unlike other politicians, he actually has specific proposals for how to fix the problems in the government and to make the jobs situation better in Minnesota. Not only does he have proposals, but he takes the time to explain them too.

Downey has spent four years in the house and he has really accomplished a lot to make it easier to do business in Minnesota.  I really like that he doesn’t see government as the jobs provider.  He knows and understands that we need jobs in the private sector. Most politicians have lots of arguments and slogans, but no solutions. So if you want a quality person with the ideas we need to fix things, vote for Downey.

Keith Downey is definitely the best choice to represent Bloomington in the Senate, he will get the job done for us.

Jill Sims