Letter: Richfield’s private schools a good option

To the editor:

In response to the letters regarding the Richfield school system, I would like to praise Richfield’s ability to offer both private and public school options. As a parent of two students currently living in Richfield, my husband and I chose to send our children to Blessed Trinity Catholic School with the older one continuing on to The Academy of Holy Angels.

Both Blessed Trinity and Holy Angels have diverse student populations, outstanding academic traditions, excellent staff and a nurturing environment that helps students grow as an individual. I could list endless amounts of percentages and data in regards to how good these schools are, but what impresses me more as a parent is how both schools look at the child as an individual and not a percentage.

Cost can be an issue for families when it comes to choosing a private school, but Blessed Trinity and Holy Angels have always made a commitment to work with families so they have an affordable option.

Once again I want to thank Richfield for providing families with different options when it comes to choosing schools and to thank Blessed Trinity and Holy Angels for the wonderful opportunities they afford students.

Elizabeth Gallucci