RC Liquors gets new home – and name

By Anna Woodwick – Sun Newspapers

Residents can begin calling RC Liquors by its new name – Robbinsdale Wine & Spirits – when it opens for business in early June.

Robbinsdale’s only municipal liquor store will still be in Robbin Center, but will be moved closer to the Post Office, City Manager Marcia Glick said.

"Our current location is a little bit cramped," she said. "The new layout will allow for more inventory to be available to the customers."

Unlike at RC Liquors, where half of the store’s products are stocked in the basement because of spacing, customers will be able to see a wider variety of merchandise in the new building.

"As far as square footage, the new store is a little smaller, but what’s available to customers is twice as big," Glick said. "We will have a special area for product sampling and for special events."

With more area available to the customers, Robbinsdale Wine & Spirits will also have more large coolers that will be stocked with cold beer for the upcoming warm summer months.

"I’m excited about just having a better variety for customers and having more sales," Glick said.

With a name like Robbinsdale Wine & Spirits, it’s only fitting that the new location offers a larger variety of wine, and Glick said that an area will be carpeted to provide space for wine sampling.

In addition to the carpeting and a special type of concrete, the Robbinsdale Historical Society will be lending a decorating hand to help give the store a look reminiscent of the town’s earlier years.

"It’s going to have a rustic look," Glick said. "We are working with the Robbinsdale Historical Society to bring over displays, pictures and memorabilia. It will be a really nice tie-in."

Glick said that with the help of an excellent contractor and architect, the remodeling of the old Checker Auto Store is now ahead of schedule and the city is eager to share the new and improved liquor store with the community.

"We really appreciate the support of the community, and it’s all profits that go back to the community," She said.

Because Robbinsdale Wine & Liquor is one of 210 municipal liquor stores in Minnesota, the profits the store brings in are put directly back in to the city and pays for park and recreation programs.

"It’s been about $75,000 that we have been transferring, and we are expecting to do better with the new store," Glick said. "We’ve always appreciated the support in the past and we hope people will check us out in the new location."

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